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By Kurt Seifried [email protected]

Version 0.1 (11-02-2012)

Please note that these best practices are designed to protect both the
document author(s) and the general public from a variety of potential
security issues.

Removing meta-data from documents

In general it is a good idea to remove meta-data such as your
username, file storage location, etc. from a document prior to
uploading it to a public website.

Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove hidden data:
Find and remove metadata (hidden information) in your legal documents:
How to minimize metadata in Office documents

PDF files:

Removing sensitive content


Cleaning metadata from documents

Scanning files for viruses and malicious content:

Scan all files for viruses and other malicious content prior to
uploading the file. Also things like “Web bugs” (embedding a small 1×1
pixel image to track systems that open the document) should be avoided
(chances are we will have to remove them due to privacy concerns). If
the file is meant for public distribution a good way to ensure it is
virus free is to use Virus Total (max file size 32 megabytes
currently) to scan it.

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