Invitation to CSA CloudBytes: Cloud Controls Matrix v3.0

Don't miss your chance to join experts and learn more about the Cloud Controls Matrix and the latest release of version 3.0. RSVP HERE NOW if you haven't already! For consumers of cloud services, the decision to move forward distills down to one question, "Do I trust the provider enough for them to manage and protect my data?" While for providers the key concern is identifying and implementing a manageable set of controls mapped to global security standards. During this webcast we will discuss the advantages of the CCM from both a consumer and service provider perspective. We will show how the CCM can enable cloud consumers to have a dialog about the security posture of planned services with their cloud providers. We will also demonstrate how the CCM is increasingly becoming the norm for service providers to use as a guidance framework for implementing a standard and robust set of security controls. On Tuesday, November 12th at 10:00am (PDT), you are invited to attend a CSA CloudBytes on the Cloud Controls Matrix: Why the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix v3.0 is a Critical Tool for Cloud Consumers and Providers Alike


Sean Cordero, Cloud Controls Matrix Co-Chair & President and Founder, Cloud Watchman Evelyn DeSouza, Cloud Controls Matrix Co-Chair & Senior Data Center and Cloud Security Strategist, Cisco

Webinar Details

Overview: The New Cloud Controls Matrix v3.0 Date: Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 Time: 10:00am - 11:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST, GMT-08:00) Where: For additional conference details and the calendar event invite, please RSVP at: RSVP HERE NOW This is a FREE event but space is limited. Please RSVP and a calendar invitation with the webinar details will follow.

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