Cloud Security Alliance and Electronic Government Agency (EGA) of Thailand Partner to Drive Cloud Computing Adoption in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Thailand through EGA to adopt CSA Open Certification Framework (STAR) as requirement for Cloud Service Providers in the Country

Singapore, February 7, 2013 – The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) today announced that it has signed a formal partnership with the Electronic Government Agency (EGA) of Thailand to drive cloud computing adoption in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The framework agreement was made official in a signing ceremony held during the ASEAN CSA Summit 2013 on February 7. Signing for EGA was Dr Sak Segkhoonthod, CEO and President of EGA, and signing for CSA was Aloysius Cheang, Managing Director APAC. Nattapong Seetavorarat, Advisor to the Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) served as witness to the signing on behalf of Group Captain Anudith Nakornthap, Minister MICT. The partnership will work to further the security of cloud computing and build capabilities in the areas of both cloud computing and security within Thailand. “There is a huge latent demand for cloud computing among enterprise users in APAC. As such, we are seeing incredible interest in CSA throughout APAC where our education efforts are gaining traction and our key research initiatives are being adopted in these organizations. That puts us in a unique position as a trusted advisor to encourage senior management of these organizations to develop and adopt the right strategy and policies to ensure cloud security,” said Aloysius Cheang. “We are delighted to partner with the EGA, to help further our mission of promoting secure cloud computing for organizations and end users locally and globally.” Under the framework agreement Thailand government, through the EGA, will provide manpower support from their cloud research department to participate actively in CSA research initiatives, supporting the global CSA research center in Singapore. Additionally Thailand, through the EGA, will adopt the CSA Open Certification Framework (STAR) as a requirement for cloud service providers in the country and also work to drive cloud computing adoption in ASEAN. EGA will also work to ensure adoption of CSA’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) as a mandatory requirement for engineers engaged in cloud computing and/or security responsibility within participating cloud services providers. To further education and adoption, CSA will work with EGA to establish a think tank in Thailand consisting of senior management such as CIO or CISO that will drive thought leadership. “We are encouraged by this partnership and the potential it brings to introduce and expand some very key and important standards that we believe are critical to true and effective global cloud security,” said Daniele Catteddu, Managing Director EMEA and Project Director leading the CSA Open Certification Framework (OCF) initiative. “We look forward to collaborating with EGA to use CSA STAR certification scheme and OCF to build trust and confidence in going to the cloud.” In conjunction with the establishment of the framework agreement, it was also announced that the CSA Thailand chapter had been officially established with Dr Sak as the chairperson. About the Cloud Security Alliance The Cloud Security Alliance is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing, and to provide education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help secure all other forms of computing. The Cloud Security Alliance is led by a broad coalition of industry practitioners, corporations, associations and other key stakeholders. For further information, visit us at, and follow us on Twitter @cloudsa. Contacts Kari Walker ZAG Communications for the CSA [email protected] 703.928.9996

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