CSA Launches Updated TCI Reference Architecture Research Website

The Cloud Security Alliance Trusted Cloud Initiative Working Group has updated its Reference Architecture research website to include simplified architecture definition results, as well as an interactive application that allows users to learn about the applicability of the TCI reference architecture to their business scenario. About the Business Scenario Application You can begin the process of comparing your business scenario against the Reference Architecture here. You will be asked to provide a scenario name and basic information about the scope and model of the business, which will enable the delivery of a suite of questions from the CSA CAIQ Questionnaire. Once you answer the questions, you will receive tailored results about your business scenario. About the Trusted Cloud Initiative The Trusted Cloud Initiative helps cloud providers develop industry-recommended, secure and interoperable identity, access and compliance management configurations, and practices. The Trusted Cloud Initiative will develop reference models and education in a vendor-neutral manner, inclusive of all CSA members and affiliates who wish to participate. The Trusted Cloud Initiative Reference Architecture is both a methodology and a set of tools that enable security architects, enterprise architects and risk management professionals to leverage a common set of solutions that fulfill their common needs to be able to assess where their internal IT and their cloud providers are in terms of security capabilities and to plan a roadmap to meet the security needs of their business.

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