Cybersecurity in President Trump's America: The first 100 days | Katie Lewin - Federal Director of Cloud Security Alliance Weighs In

It could take months to know what the Trump administration's cybersecurity policy will be. Cyber-defense experts weigh in with advice and best practices for securing your company today.

November 28, 2016, 10:15 AM PST

From Katie Lewin - Federal Director, Cloud Security Alliance

Historically when the executive and legislative branches of the federal government are controlled by the same party, government spending increases. Both branches of government are led by members of the same party and therefore often have the same spending priorities. With that being said, cybersecurity will be a priority of this administration. There is already early evidence of this, as security, including cybersecurity, was one of the three top issues in the Trump campaign and now the first cabinet-level appointees were in the security arena further supporting this.

Trump also campaigned on improvements to infrastructure. This includes technical and network infrastructure. A key element of technical infrastructure improvements will be enhanced security. [The] Trump administration is committed to establishing a Cyber Review Committee composed of military, defense and commercial experts to provide recommendations for safeguarding our cyber profile with technologies tailored to likely threats.


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