Published 07/31/2015

IT and the Line of Business – Security vs Usability Survey

IT and the Line of Business – Security vs Usability Survey

The undeniable benefits of the cloud – better functionality, scalability, availability, and innovation at lower cost – is driving a secular move to cloud services. These benefits have made the cloud an executive-level and board-level conversation at many companies. As a result, IT is looking to take advantage of these opportunities not only for systems of engagement but also for the systems of record that house the authoritative copy of sensitive data. At the same time, end users demand and expect the same level of usability and functionality in enterprise systems as they’ve come to expect with personal technology. As data leaves the company datacenter for the cloud, IT is caught between delivering technologies to support innovation and growth in the business and securing sensitive data against proliferating threats.

In this survey we plan to explore how these trends are reshaping the role of IT and its relationship to the line of business. After numerous high profile data breaches in recent years starting with the Target payment card theft and culminating in the Sony breach, we also seek to investigate how organizations are preparing for mega breaches. Finally, as more organizations look to migrate their systems of record to the cloud, we focus on what systems of record are being migrated first and the security challenges organizations face as sensitive data moves beyond the firewall.

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IT and the Line of Business – Security vs Usability

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