Mobile Working Group IoT Kickoff Call!

You are invited to participate in the first call for the Mobile Working Group Internet of Things (IoT) Security subgroup. Details are below: Dial in information: DIN: +, ID: 674-823-196#, OVERVIEW We'll work through getting us all on the same page with our goals and understanding related to the IoT, and start asking volunteers to begin taking on specific work items towards completion of our first document. Kick-Off Briefing Slides… -Introduction -Goals -Our Team -Defining the IoT -Initial Threat Analysis Research Discussion -Generic Challenges to IoT Deployment -Next Steps and Volunteer Opportunities In the meantime, here are a few interesting IoT-related items I found today. A fledgling search engine for the IoT: A good article on IoT from HBR:… A neat video detailing the IoT in the mining industry:

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