Open Peer Review: Cloud Component Specifications Working Group Charter

The Cloud Security Alliance would like to invite you to review and comment on a proposed Cloud Component Specifications Working Group Charter. The working group aims to look at security of Cloud computing at a component level - e.g. hypervisor, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platforms, cloud dedicated firewall and so on. This working group will be a forum for corporations, organizations and individuals who are interested in this area. The goal in forming this working group is to spark discussions on projects and issues on cloud computing at a component level. The mission of the Cloud Component Specifications working group is to develop a framework to evaluate technical security specifications for components within the Cloud architecture.

This is your opportunity to provide feedback and identify any critical areas that we might miss in our working group’s focus. The open review and comments period starts today and ends on February 10, 2017.

Contribute Now

We appreciate your assistance. Thank you in advance for your time and contribution. If you are interested in getting involved with the Cloud Component Specifications working group, please contact [email protected].

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