Open Surveys: Mitigating Risk for Cloud Apps and IT Security in the Age of Cloud

We have two surveys open. If you have a few minutes and would like to win some cool prizes, consider taking our surveys.

Mitigating Risk for Cloud Apps

Time: 10-15 minutes
Prizes: 10 CCSK tokens and a fun new prize will be added shortly

Current state of SaaS security - with several years of cloud adoption in many organizations, approaches to security have been evolving rapidly. The purpose of this survey is to look at the specific concerns, policies, and controls that enterprises are using. The goal will be to answer the question, what are today's enterprises doing to mitigate risk across both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud applications?

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IT Security in the Age of Cloud

Time: 25 minutes
Prizes: Oculus Rift virtual reality set and 5 CCSK Tokens

The shift of IT resources to the cloud is changing the day-to-day operations of IT security teams. This survey investigates shifts in IT security in 2016 including changing budgets and the importance of new skills. The survey will also investigate IaaS adoption and barriers to securing corporate data stored in applications on IaaS platforms. Finally, the survey will gauge your organization’s perspective and experience with security alerts and endpoint agents.

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