Seeking Data Privacy Experts to participate in a Data Protection Heat Index Research Initiative

The Cloud Security Alliance ​research team ​would like to invite global data privacy experts to participate in a brief survey that is intended to measure attitudes towards data protection areas that tie into technology solutions that enable the exchange of information across the cloud. ​Within the past few weeks ​we have received some great responses​, but ​we are still in need of additional ​experts to contribute to this 5​-10​ minute survey. The survey data will be used towards building a Data Protection Heat Index, the intent of which is to inspire global interest and co-operation in aligning cloud, IoT and Big Data solutions to the data sensitivities of the regions that they are being built to operate in. You can access the survey by visiting the following link: We would be extremely grateful for your participation so that we can better assess user sensitivities from ​the industry's ​perspective. We​ ​believe that your responses will be a critical addition to this body of work. We ​​ask that you respond no later than June 30, 2014. Thank you your time in advance and we look forward to your contribution.

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