Survey Opportunity: CloudWATCH Cloud Certifications guidelines

Share your experience and help us recommend security and privacy certifications to cloud customers, service providers & policy – This survey has been designed to collect information to be used in the drafting of the V2 of the CloudWatch report: “Cloud certification: guidelines and recommendations”. The survey has a threefold objective will collect data for analyzing changes in the cloud certification landscape 12 month since the issuing of the version 1 of the CloudWATCH Cloud Certifications guidelines and recommendations report – Results will help us validate the initial recommendations and collect input to define a final set of recommendations. The survey will remain open up until the 15th of December. CloudWATCH aims to provide guidance to cloud service customers, cloud service providers and policy makers in their evaluation of suitable security and privacy certification schemes for cloud services. A core activity within CloudWATCH is looking into the topics of standards and certification in order to understand if and how certification can increase the level of trust in the cloud computing business model. Specifically, CloudWATCH is leading activities on certification and testing standard compliance with the aim of providing sound recommendations based on real-life cases and clear explanations on protection from risks. Thanks for your participation on behalf of the CloudWatch consortium.

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