Top Threats to Cloud Computing Kick-Off Call

Join us on our Kick-Off Call as we look for volunteers to participate in updating the CSA Top Threats to Cloud Computing document. The purpose of this document, Top Threats to Cloud Computing, is to provide needed context to assist organizations in making educated risk management decisions regarding their cloud adoption strategies. In essence, this threat research document should be seen as a companion to Security Guidance for Critical Areas in Cloud Computing. As the first deliverable in the CSA’s Cloud Threat Initiative, the “Top Threats” document will be updated regularly to reflect expert consensus on the probable threats which customers should be concerned about. The CSA Top Threats Working Group's goal will be to identify and address the changing landscape of probable threats in cloud computing today. This V.2 document release will be scheduled for July, 2012. In addition, this working group will collaborate with the CSA Mobile Working Group to produce a Mobile Top Threats to Cloud Computing document. For more details on each research project go to: To join our collaboration efforts:

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