Published 02/12/2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Said Tabet

Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Said Tabet

Dr. Said Tabet is a Senior Technologist and Industry Standards Strategist in the Corporate Office of the CTO at EMC. Said is a member of the Object Management Group Board of Directors and the principal EMC representative to the Industrial Internet Consortium. Said is Chair of the INCITS CS1 Secure Cloud Computing Ad-Hoc Group, and a member of the US delegation to ISO SC27. Dr. Tabet is also a member of the Cloud Security Alliance International Standardization Council, co-Chair of the SME Council and the Cloud Security SLA working group. Said spent over two decades driving and contributing to various international standardization activities including ISO, RuleML, OMG standards, W3C Semantic Web and Rules, Risk and Compliance, GRC-XML, Regulatory Reporting and Supervision, Security and Data protection and Privacy. Said continues to work on challenges around Cloud Computing adoption, IoT, Cloud SLA and security SLA automation, Big Data Analytics and security, cyber security and best practices, Industrial Internet of Things, and Semantic Data Collaboration. Dr. Tabet is a regular speaker and panelist at industry conferences and international standards meetings, authors and editor of book series and articles. How did you become involved in the CSA? I became involved in CSA a few years ago, initially to contribute to the GRC Stack and started to get more active with the SME Council and other working groups. What type of knowledge or skills have you gained by your involvement in the CSA that otherwise you would not have in your current role? I would say more awareness and appreciation of the various dimensions (Cloud security to start with but also vertical industries). I also benefited, as I am sure many of our colleagues have, by interacting and collaborating with experts and skilled individuals. How do you think your involvement has impacted cloud security? I hope that my humble involvement contributed to advance cloud security, best practices and guidance. I am a strong supporter and a believer in collaboration and CSA provides such an environment in a multi-disciplinary way. How has it impacted your career path? It definitely impacted my career path. For someone who is passionate about innovation, about contributing to the industry, my involvement has helped me diversify and increase my interests and enrich my career. What is next for Said with the CSA? Continue to contribute and to support CSA initiatives with a focus on new challenges and help drive important standardization efforts.

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