Upcoming Webinar: Triaging the Cloud - 5 Steps to Putting the Cloud Controls Matrix to Work to Safely Enable Cloud Services in Your Enterprise

Join Cloud Security Alliance Chief Operating Officer, John Howie, Pandora Director of Information Security, Doug Meier, and Netskope Chief Scientist, Krishna Narayanaswamy, for a practical discussion and set of next steps to making the CCM work for you and triaging the apps you discover. Register for the Jul 24th webinar. https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/10415/118049 The Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls Matrix is a rich source of cloud security best practices designed as a framework to provide fundamental security principles to cloud vendors and cloud customers. It serves as a useful guidepost for app developers and technology decision-makers alike. But what if you really want to put it to work across all of the cloud services your organization is using, whether sanctioned or “shadow IT?” And how do you triage those services once you know what they are and how enterprise-ready they are? Attendees will: * Learn guidelines for when and how to use the CCM * Hear how security experts are bringing the CCM to life in their organizations * Gain practical advice for how to triage your cloud services once you know what they are and how enterprise-ready they are * Discover ways to exert CCM controls even in cases of “shadow IT”

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