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Applied Quantum Safe Security
Applied Quantum Safe Security

Applied Quantum Safe Security

Release Date: 03/13/2017

Working Group: Quantum-safe Security

Over the last year or so, the perceived threat of the quantum computer to modern cryptographic standards in widespread use has increased dramatically. Government security agencies have called for a move to quantum-safe cryptographic schemes. Standardization bodies such as ETSI, NIST, and ISO have started investigating the need for new, global standards. The consensus is clear: the cryptographic foundation that underlies today’s cybersecurity solutions needs to be retooled sooner rather than later, and the transition to quantum-safe security must begin now. Although the arrival date for a practical quantum computer is still in debate, experts believe we will see a quantum computer capable of breaking current public key cryptosystems within five to fifteen years. The aim of this white paper is to provide individuals in the security industry and related fields with applicable knowledge regarding the quantum computer and its influence on cyber security.

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