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Enterprise Architecture to CCM v3.0.1 Mapping
Enterprise Architecture to CCM v3.0.1 Mapping

Enterprise Architecture to CCM v3.0.1 Mapping

The EA-CCM Mapping is a companion piece with the EA-CCM Shared Responsibility Model. The peer review for both documents are intended to be done in parallel. To review the Shared Responsibility Model, follow this link.

The Enterprise Architecture working group's Enterprise Reference Architecture (ERA) is both a methodology and a set of tools enabling security architects, enterprise architects and GRC professionals to leverage a common set of solutions that fulfill their common needs. The expectation is the ERA will assist in assessments where their internal IT and their cloud providers are in terms of security capabilities and roadmap planning to meet the security needs of their business. The ERA provides a security viewpoint on a typical Enterprise Architecture, thus taking a domain-based approach covering Business Operations, IT Operations, Security and Risk Management as well as the classic layered architecture of Presentation, Application, Information, and Infrastructure domains.

The mapping of CCM controls per the Shared Responsibility Model according to the following service levels - IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. It is intended to give the reader an overview of cloud responsibility with the specific control domain from the view of either the cloud service provider and/or the cloud consumer. 0 (zero) signifies no responsibility, whereas the placement of a 1 (one) signifies the given responsibility. From here, the reader can map that control domain back to the CCM control for further guidance and architecture.

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