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Future Proofing the Connected World - Korean Translation
Future Proofing the Connected World - Korean Translation

Future Proofing the Connected World - Korean Translation

Release Date: 02/26/2019

Working Group: Internet of Things

This localized version of this publication was produced from the original source material through the efforts of chapters and volunteers but the translated content falls outside of the CSA Research Lifecycle. For any questions and feedback, contact [email protected].

An IoT system is only as secure as its weakest link, this document is our attempt at providing actionable and useful guidance for securing the individual products that make up an IoT system - to raise the overall security posture of IoT products. We hope that this document is found especially useful by those organizations that have begun transforming their existing products into IoT-enabled devices. That is, manufacturers that do not have the background and experience to be aware of the myriad ways that bad guys may try to misuse their newly connected equipment. These manufacturers are often told that there are shortcomings in their security strategy, but have not yet had a good reference guide to help them understand exactly what those shortcomings are and how to fix them. We also hope that those in the startup communities will find this guide useful. Startups in the connected product/system space are challenged with getting their products to market quickly. Finding the right talent to help secure those products early in the development cycle is not an easy task. This document provides a starting point for creating a security strategy that we hope will help mitigate at least the most pressing threats to both consumer and business IoT products. 

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