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Game of Threats
Game of Threats

Game of Threats

Open Until: 03/16/2023

From the Sinister Seven to the latest Pandemic Eleven and all the Deep Dive case studies in between, The Top Threats Working Group objectives were first to identify the most significant cybersecurity concerns (threats, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses). After that, using the circumstances, identify actual major incidents, establish the context, analyze and evaluate and propose the means to mitigate the root causes. Between the production of the Deep Dives, the TT WG decided to deepen the guidance on threat modeling and produced Cloud Threat Modeling, which included an Appendix on Gamification. The next natural step was to deepen the guidance on Gamification by creating this guide.

This document provides several cyber security incident game levels that can be used to familiarize all participants with incident response best practices in a safe setting.

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