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Quantum Random Number Generators
Quantum Random Number Generators

Quantum Random Number Generators

Release Date: 06/09/2016

Working Group: Quantum-safe Security

A random number is generated by a process whose outcome is unpredictable, and which cannot be reliably reproduced. Randomness, quantitatively measured by entropy, is the measure of uncertainty or disorder within a set of data. The higher the level of unpredictability, the more random the data is and the more valuable it becomes, particularly for cryptographic operations. In this report from CSA's Quantum-Safe Security Working Group, Quantum Random Number Generators will go over the impacts of randomness on security. For security or other applications where high quality randomness is needed, physical approaches are taken to generate random bits. Generators based on quantum physical processes deliver the highest quality random data. Contrary to classical physics, quantum physics is fundamentally random.

Given the incomparable quality of the entropy delivered by such solutions, and their commercial viability, the challenges of selecting random number generators that will not expose your data to breaches has suddenly become much simpler. In fact, the question “What source of random should I use” has a simple, safe and commercially viable answer: Use Quantum!

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