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The Future of Work is Probably Not What You Think
The Future of Work is Probably Not What You Think

The Future of Work is Probably Not What You Think

Release Date: 10/07/2022

This presentation will challenge conventional thinking about how the tech workforce will evolve in the face
(1) a persistently volatile marketplace for talent, 
(2) continuous and deepening skills shortages, and the
impact of endless ‘new normal’ technologies that are accelerating at an astonishing rate and impacting
cloud adoption and cloud security, and 
(3) how the cloud closely integrates with and enables ten
underlying high momentum technologies that are disrupting business strategies, organization and

Three Key Objectives:

1. Understand which cloud/cloud-related jobs, skills, and certifications will be most in demand over the
next 3-5 years and how developments in Applied A.I., Edge, Blockchain, Next-Level Process Automation,
Connectivity, and other technologies are driving everything.

2. Compare your pay against current cloud/cloud-related *real* salaries & skills/certifications cash pay
premiums at 4,000 US and Canadian employers (data from Foote Partners’ 2022 IT Professional Salary
Survey and 2022 IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index)

3. For executives/managers, what they should do right now right now to prepare your future workforce.

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