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CSA Appoints Leaders to the International Standardization Council

CSA Appoints Leaders to the International Standardization Council

Blog Article Published: 02/27/2014


fuchhibbard        Andreas Fuchsberger                                                                  Eric Hibbard The CSA announced today the re-appointment of Andreas Fuchsberger and Eric Hibbard as the Co-Chairs of the CSA’s International Standardization Council. As Co-Chairs, Fuchsberger and Hibbard will be responsible for the governance and oversight of the Council. The CSA International Standardization Council plays the important role of working to coordinate all aspects of standardization efforts within the CSA. The Council’s efforts are executed by CSA Global through the CSA Standards Secretariat involving relevant CSA research working groups in collaboration with standard developing organizations (SDOs). Andreas Fuchsberger
currently serves as the Regional Standards Officer
at Microsoft where he is responsible for Microsoft’s Internal and external representation of ISO/IEC JTC1 for Central and Eastern Europe. Eric Hibbard currently serves as the CTO Security and Privacy
at Hitachi Data Systems where he represents the interests of both Hitachi and key organizations (e.g., ABA, CSA, INCITS, IEEE, TCG, SNIA, etc.) in the development of domestic and international standards and other types of specifications. For 2014, the group will continue with the strategic role of a gatekeeper managing the CSA research intellectual property (IP) and the contribution of these IP towards global standardization efforts as well as an expert body contributing towards any SDOs’ and National Bodies’ (NBs) cloud computing and security related standards development work. Due to the highly strategic value of the ISC as well as the sensitivity of work and protection of IP, membership application is only available to active corporate members with a strong background working with international standardization communities and processes. The CSA would like to invite corporate members that are interested in influencing standardization efforts worldwide to join the ISC. For more information or to be considered for council membership please contact the CSA Standards Secretariat, Aloysius Cheang at [email protected].

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