Security of the Blockchain

Security of the Blockchain

Blog Article Published: 08/14/2020

Authors: Maëva Ghonda, CSA Blockchain Cybersecurity and Privacy Best Practices Group Leader

Enterprise agility is the new standard. New products are now launched at a pace that is crippling supply chains. Therefore, enterprise innovations must be disruptive. To enable disruptive innovations, we now leverage: the Blockchain.

Blockchain is effectively a collaborative, tamper-resistant ledger that maintains transactional records of various asset types. This unique technology produces records of peer-to-peer transactions that are validated and executed via an established multi-party consensus process. The peer-to-peer consensus model authorizes transactions in near real-time while reducing the cost of each transaction. The unique value generated by the simplicity of the distributed and decentralized networked entities is the essential driver for global blockchain adoption.

As the breadth and volume of blockchain use cases exponentially increase, it is pertinent that the global community addresses risks introduced by the technology. Consequently, the CSA Blockchain Cybersecurity and Privacy Best Practices Group is developing the playbook for business executives, architects, engineers, and security professionals seeking to disrupt their current processes with blockchain innovations.

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