​Get Quantum Ready

​Get Quantum Ready

Blog Article Published: 09/02/2020

By Maëva Ghonda, Co-Chair, CSA Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Working Group and Leighton Johnson, Member, CSA Blockchain Cybersecurity and Privacy Best Practices Group

Blockchain transactions rely on the strength of the “hash” process for integrity control. What happens when this “hash” process is disrupted?

Quantum-enabled cryptographic protocols are rapidly evolving and expected to soon penetrate our digital ecosystems.[1][2] These quantum systems will impact the numerous industries that are increasingly using the power of blockchain to develop safe and secure applications.[3] Thus, the dynamic security risk from the general use of classical hash necessitates the development of new cryptographic algorithms that improve a blockchain system’s quantum resilience.

On September 17th at 12pm EST, join Maëva Ghonda, Moderator and Co-Chair of the CSA Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Working Group for a LIVE session of the Quantum Risk Management Roundtable for the Board of Directors.

As the breadth and volume of blockchain use cases exponentially increase, it is pertinent that the global community addresses risks introduced by the technology. Consequently, the CSA Blockchain Cybersecurity and Privacy Best Practices Group is developing the playbook for business executives, policy makers, architects, engineers, and security professionals seeking to disrupt their current processes with blockchain innovations.

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