​Polyrize Launches Its Inaugural Shadow Identity Report

​Polyrize Launches Its Inaugural Shadow Identity Report

Blog Article Published: 09/17/2020

Key trends and challenges in securing cloud identities and privileges

Polyrize, an innovator in managing and securing privileges and identity access across the public cloud, today launched its 2020 Shadow Identity Report, developed by its new SaaS Threat Labs Team. The report covers key trends and the challenges organizations face when trying to control unsupervised cloud identities and shadow privileges, zero-in on high-impact users and actions, and secure access and usage across a fragmented cloud environment.

“The goal of the report is to provide rigorously researched and analyzed data to raise awareness of the need to secure the new identity defined perimeter, which many security teams currently overlook,” said Or Emanuel, Head of the Polyrize SaaS Threat Labs. “We anonymized and aggregated customer telemetry on the Polyrize platform to analyze more than 200K cloud identities and hundreds of millions of cloud assets to come up with the report statistics, which are quite eye opening.”

Key statistics from the report include:

  • Third party contractors maintain access to 75 percent of their corporate cloud accounts such as Salesforce, Office 365 and Box even after they are terminated, leaving organizations open to account takeovers and data breaches.
  • 44 percent of cloud users have overly-broad access to resources, documents, and data in corporate cloud services, exposing business critical data to potential loss.
  • 15 percent of employees are transferring data from corporate accounts to their personal cloud accounts, placing it outside of security teams’ control.

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Polyrize SaaS Threat Labs

Polyrize also announced the launch of its SaaS Threat Labs with a mission to provide resources to security practitioners that help map and secure identities and privilege critical workflows.

“Since our founding, Polyrize has been researching network exploits resulting from the misuse of identities and permissions in cloud services, such as our recent announcement of a privilege escalation exploit in Salesforce using Apex on the Cloud Security Alliance blog,” said Emanuel. “We have now formalized our research organization with an ongoing mission to produce a regular cadence of original research publications, and periodic launch of open source security tools. Most recently, we developed the the SF Privilege Escalation Utility to enable security teams to easily identify users who are capable of privilege escalation using APEX. In addition, we built a program in which security practitioners can submit potential cloud exploits for investigation.

About Polyrize

As identities move outside the traditional network perimeter, organizations face the challenging new world, where SaaS is the new IT, and Identity the new perimeter. Polyrize offers a unique unified access model that analyses user’s privileges and correlates it with their actions across cloud services, helping organization to effectively control unsupervised identities, shadow privileges, and high-impact actions, and protect cloud identity privileges and their access across the fragmented cloud perimeter. For more information, visit www.polyrize.com

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