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Overview of Critical Controls for Oracle Cloud Applications

Overview of Critical Controls for Oracle Cloud Applications

Blog Article Published: 07/13/2022

Written by Michael Miller.

CSA’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Working Group is pleased to release the latest in a series of security guidance for deploying ERP systems in the cloud. This latest whitepaper focuses on Oracle Cloud Applications.

Oracle Cloud Application clients share with Oracle Corporation the responsibilities for security. Using Oracle Cloud Applications is also a significant opportunity to “start over” regarding security by using best practices, tools, services, and techniques unique to the cloud. Adopting Oracle Cloud Applications can significantly strengthen an organization’s security posture.

However, deploying Oracle Cloud Applications also opens the door to significant risks if not done right. This paper outlines 20 critical controls that will help an organization determine what security changes are needed when deploying Oracle Cloud Applications. These controls map to CSA’s overarching Top 20 Critical Controls for Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Customers.

Please note that this is a reference document whose purpose is to promote best practices for cloud deployments of the Oracle Cloud Applications. It does not replace Oracle Corporation's documentation and specific instructions. Specifically, this document is to be used as part of the ERP Working Group's ongoing dialogue.

Key Takeaways:
  • The control implementation (rationale) for 20 critical controls, including: segregation of duties, change management, continuous monitoring, data encryption, and more
  • The specific requirements and steps needed to implement the 20 critical controls
Who It’s For:

Information security professionals, compliance professionals, and database and system administrators who belong to organizations that use Oracle Cloud Applications.

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Download the full publication here.