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5 Tips for CISOs and Boards Navigating the Evolving Regulatory Landscape
Published: 12/06/2022

Originally published by ShardSecure. Written by Marc Blackmer, VP of Marketing, ShardSecure. Corporate boards are facing mounting pressure to “get smart” about data protection as they navigate an evolving regulatory landscape. It starts with a deeper understanding of cybersecurity, but under...

CISOs of the World, Unite!
Published: 12/03/2022
Author: Jim Reavis

This article represents personal commentary from CSA’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Reavis. I have been in the industry long enough to have observed the creation of the Chief Information Security Officer role and the journey to making this person a crucial part of our ecosystem. For almost all ...

‘Cyber Isolationism’ is Making CXOs’ Jobs More Complicated – And More Critical
Published: 11/30/2022

Originally published by CXO REvolutionaries. Written by Simon Hodgkinson, former CISO, BP. Is globalization in decline? Put this question to a group of economists, diplomats, social scientists, or other specialists, and you’d likely kick off a long and spirited debate with representatives on both...

Tailoring Your Zero Trust Transformation to Your Pain Points
Published: 11/28/2022

Originally published by CXO REvolutionaries. Written by Gary Parker, Field CTO - AMS, Zscaler. Zero trust is often likened to a journey. And, as the proverb says, even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.But where to start? For better or for worse, there’s no single embarkatio...

Beating IT’s Bad Rap: How CXOs Can Maintain a Positive Corporate Presence
Published: 11/23/2022

Originally published by CXO REvolutionaries. Written by Gary Parker, Field CTO - AMS, Zscaler. Winston Churchill famously said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” But, if a CXO only appears in front of the board when trying to keep their job after a cyber incident, a crisis may well lay waste...

Security Scope and the Threat Continuum. What CISOs Need to Know.
Published: 11/14/2022

Originally published by Netography. Written by Martin Roesch, Netography. The pandemic kicked off a rapid evolution of networks that have now become composites of multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-prem infrastructure with mobile and remote workers accessing data and applications scattered across ...

A SECtember Refrain: CxOs Need Help Educating Their Boards
Published: 10/26/2022
Author: Illena Armstrong

The concerns and challenges discussed during this September’s SECtember Conference and adjoining CxO Trust Summit ran the gamut. However, one refrain focused on chief information security officers’ need for more help and guidance on messaging cybersecurity problems, required security controls, an...

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Doesn’t Have to Be Scary
Published: 10/24/2022

Originally published by Blue Lava here. Written by Veronica Wolf, Director of Product & Content Marketing, Blue Lava. In the spirit of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we thought we would de-mystify a few of the tall tales and horrors surrounding cybersecurity. We’ve also gathered up a few resource...

What Any Executive Needs to Know About Zero Trust
Published: 10/21/2022
Author: Daniele Catteddu

Why should a company executive be interested in Zero Trust? Isn’t that supposed to be obvious? Apparently, it’s not; otherwise, we wouldn’t have nearly 1 billion successful ransomware attacks between January 2021 and June 2022.Whether we like it or not, lately, Zero Trust is becoming synonymous w...

The Security Risks of Taking a Stand
Published: 09/27/2022

Originally published by CXO REvolutionaries here. Written by Heng Mok, CISO APJ, Zscaler. Organizations face increasing internal and external pressures to take public stands on issues unrelated to their core business. Examples include a broad range of social, political, and global events, which a...

Attention CISOs: The Board Doesn’t Care About Buzzwords
Published: 09/22/2022

Originally published by Lookout here. Written by Paul Simmonds, Global Identity Foundation. We live in an IT world surrounded by buzzwords that are largely marketing gimmicks. Zero Trust, for example, is a concept no one actually understands and is slapped onto everything, including derivativ...

Your Cloud Footprint is Growing: Here’s How to Scale Cloud Governance
Published: 09/14/2022

Written by Umair Khan, Marketing Director, Stacklet For today’s businesses, cloud footprints have grown—and keep getting larger. Increasingly, that means many teams and departments are running implementations across multiple cloud providers, services, and regions. From a cloud governance or polic...

Are Conventional Cybersecurity Tactics Leading You to Defeat?
Published: 09/07/2022

Originally published by CXO REvolutionaries here. Written by Daniel Ballmer, Senior Transformation Analyst, Zscaler. Today’s organizations are fighting cyberattacks using strategies that have historically failed in a combat environment. While there are many differences between conventional warfar...

Cold Storage Migration to the Cloud Is Heating Up for CISOs
Published: 09/06/2022

Originally published by ShardSecure here. Written by Bob Lam, CEO and Co-Founder, ShardSecure. A lot of enterprise data storage today is on-premises—whether it’s hot data that is actively being used and needs to be accessed immediately or cold data that you don’t touch for weeks, months or even y...

Building a Shadow IT Policy: What CEOs, CTOs, and CISOs Need to Know
Published: 08/29/2022

Originally published by ThirdPartyTrust here. Written by Sabrina Pagnotta, ThirdPartyTrust. When a US contact-tracing company exposed the details of 70,000 individuals, the term Shadow IT resonated: employees had used Google accounts for sharing data as part of an “unauthorized collaboration chan...

The CISOs Report: A Spotlight on Today’s Cybersecurity Challenges
Published: 08/19/2022

Originally published by CXO REvolutionaries here. Written by Sean Cordero, CISO - Americas, Zscaler. New attacks and attack classes demand new solutions and strategies The swift evolution of IT infrastructures has made cybersecurity more challenging than ever for CISOs. They face a broader range ...

C-SCRM and the C-Suite: Securing Executive Buy-In for Supply Chain Risk Management
Published: 07/27/2022

This blog was originally published by CXO REvolutionaries here.Written by Brad Moldenhauer, CISO, Americas, ZScaler.Unfortunately, it's not enough for today's IT leaders to concern themselves with the security of their own organizations. Complex and convoluted supply chains have seized their atte...

9 Questions You Should Ask About Your Cloud Security
Published: 07/25/2022

Originally published on Fugue’s blog on May 13, 2022. Written by Josh Stella, Chief Architect, Snyk and Co Founder, Fugue. In order for business leaders and cybersecurity professionals to gain the knowledge they need to thwart the hackers constantly targeting their cloud infrastructure and ap...

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity: an Untapped Opportunity for ‘Negative’ Response Time
Published: 06/13/2022

This blog was originally published by CXO REvolutionaries here. Written by Brad Moldenhauer, CISO - Americas, Zscaler. The chief information security officer (CISO) is measured by his or her ability to reduce risk, control cost, and minimize friction among employees, data, and the business at lar...

Moving Beyond Best-of-Breed Into a Cloud-First World
Published: 06/06/2022

This blog was originally published by CXO REvolutionaries here. Written by Brett James, Director, Transformation Strategy, Zscaler. Typical IT infrastructure in days gone by consisted of racks upon racks of best-of-breed equipment filling niche applications. Shiny boxes from a variety of vendors ...

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