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Industry Insights
SolarWinds, GitHub Leaks and Securing the Software Supply Chain

Published: 01/11/2021

Written by BluBracketThe massive cybersecurity breach from SolarWinds by now has reached everyone in our industry’s attention. It’s a truly wide-spread and dangerous breach that, at least from what we know now, is an example of two trends in cybersecurity that frankly need more attention by any c...

Lessons Learned from GoDaddy’s Email Phishing Simulation Debacle

Published: 01/08/2021

Written By: Omer Taran, Co-founder & CTO, CybeReadyCISOs and security teams know that running phishing simulations is a tricky business. As security professionals who deal with employee training, one thing we can do to avoid taking the wrong turn is learn from each other’s mistakes. Above any...

SolarWinds - How Cybersecurity Teams Should Respond

Published: 12/16/2020

By Paul Kurtz Co-founder and Executive Chairman, TruSTAR Technology SolarWinds perhaps represents the most severe hack of the digital age. The playbook of our adversaries continues to evolve, but defenders are losing, and the gap is widening. Discussion of imposing consequences on adversaries see...

Cloud Incident Response: Guideline for the Dark Cloudy Days

Published: 04/22/2020

By Prof. Alex SIOW, Professor (Practice) in the School of Computing, NUS & LIM Soon Tein, Vice President, IT, ST Engineering ElectronicsGiven today’s evolving threat landscape, incident response (IR) strategy for safeguarding is no longer optional. In 2019 alone, the cloud realm saw countless...

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