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The CSA Triangle Chapter Supports Veterans and Grows Talent in the Triangle
Published: 03/20/2022

The Cloud Security Alliance Triangle Chapter began as a grassroots initiative in 2018 when Eric Hart recognized the need for advancing the mission of cloud security in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) area of North Carolina.Eric recognized the potential when meeting with Kyle Mitchell ...

CSA Summit Coming to Minneapolis, MN
Published: 02/19/2022

Written by Rachel Soanes, Director of Marketing and Communications for CSA MN Chapter BOD Cloud Security Alliance - Minnesota Chapter is excited to announce the first ever regional CSA Midwest Summit coming to Minneapolis, MN on April 5th, 2022. CSA MN is very excited to be co-hosting this event ...

SECtember 2021: Ransomware Isn’t Going Anywhere
Published: 12/30/2021

This past September, CSA hosted SECtember 2021, the premier cloud security conference that features the best cloud security minds in the industry. If you missed it in person, we’ve got you covered. In our last recap blog, we discussed the Zero Trust sessions at the event. Now, here are some highl...

Zero Trust in the Spotlight at SECtember 2021
Published: 12/18/2021

This past September, CSA hosted SECtember 2021, the premier cloud security conference that features the best cloud security minds in the industry. If you missed it in person, we’ve got you covered. In our first recap blog, we discussed the presentations from the three keynote speakers at the even...

The Past, Present, and Future of Zero Trust
Published: 12/12/2021
Author: Shamun Mahmud

There has been a lot of discussion on the topic of Zero Trust (ZT). CSA has been involved in the realm of ZT since 2013, via the Software Defined Perimeter Working Group (now known as the SDP and Zero Trust Working Group). The first SDP Specification was published in 2014, encompassing the princi...

Overview of the CxO Trust Initiative
Published: 12/08/2021
Author: Alex Kaluza

Through the CxO Trust Initiative, CSA is looking to elevate the knowledge of cloud computing and cybersecurity best practices amongst executive teams by enabling Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) with tools to communicate cloud computing, risk, governance, and compliance issues to their...

SECtember 2021 Recap: Keynotes by Industry Experts
Published: 12/05/2021

Amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, cybersecurity professionals and teams are challenged to manage cloud computing risks at an unprecedented scale. In this moment, collaboration towards a cloud-centric view of cybersecurity is more important than ever. This past September, CSA hosted SECtember 2...

A North Star for the Industry: CSA Research Summit at RSA 2022
Published: 12/01/2021
Author: Jim Reavis

The RSA Conference will always have a special place in the history of the Cloud Security Alliance, as it does with many cybersecurity ventures. CSA was launched at the RSA Conference in 2009 with the first version of our best practices document. We followed that up with our first CSA Summit at RS...

SECtember 2021: Why I’ll Be There
Published: 08/03/2021

Written by Larry Hughes, Principal Compliance Consultant, LJH Compliance ConsultingI first got involved in the Seattle information security scene in 1996. I was busy building a security consulting practice for a startup. It wasn’t long before I met this affable fellow named Jim Reavis, who had al...

Building the Next Generation of Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals
Published: 07/20/2021
Author: Daniele Catteddu

ContextIn the past two decades we have witnessed a dramatic evolution in the cyber domain; new technologies have revolutionized the world we live in, our habits, our behaviors and our way of thinking. Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Internet of Things/Everything, Smart Environments, Artificial I...

A Moment in Time: SECtember
Published: 07/12/2021
Author: Jim Reavis

Our fortunes are often dictated not just by what we do, but when we do it. Understanding that special “moment in time” when we can do great things with our lives, our business, our world is not easy. In my mentoring of colleagues, I try to stress the importance of being able to take a “step back”...

The C-Suite’s Long Embrace of the Cloud
Published: 07/06/2021
Author: Illena Armstrong

Take a gander at any recent research report covering cloud services or security and you quickly find some persistent and common themes:Spending on cloud services has not only grown exponentially during the pandemic, but will keep on rising as we continue to slowly return to some sense of normalcy...

Night of the Living Cloud (aka CSA Federal Summit) Part 1 of 2
Published: 07/09/2020

By Jim Reavis, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, CSAIf you want to get a feel for what the zombie apocalypse might be like, I highly recommend taking a business trip right now. It provides a surreal experience without the hassle of someone trying to eat your brains. It was thus for me as I ...

CSA Summit at RSA 2020 - Recap Part 2
Published: 03/03/2020

By Frank Guanco, Research Program Manager, CSARead part two of the CSA Summit at RSA recap. In this post we’ll be exploring the big ideas and takeaways from the afternoon sessions. Several main questions and ideas our afternoon speakers addressed were:How are enterprises supposed to prepare for i...

CSA Summit at RSA 2020 - Recap Part 1
Published: 03/02/2020

By Frank Guanco, Research Program Manager, CSACSA was excited to welcome a diverse group of speakers to discuss cloud security and privacy during this year’s CSA Summit at RSA Conference 2020. We heard from Glenn Gerstell, Alex Stamos, Phil Venables, Dan Geer and many others. Our speakers address...

Highlights from the CSA Summit at Cyberweek
Published: 07/03/2019

By Moshe Ferber, Chairman, Cloud Security Alliance, Israel and Damir Savanovic, Senior Innovation Analyst, Cloud Security AllianceThe city of Tel Aviv is crowded throughout the year with a buzzing cybersecurity ecosystem, but in the last week of June, this ecosystem comes to boil when Tel Aviv Un...

CSA Summit Recap Part 2: CSP & CISO Perspective
Published: 03/12/2019

By Elisa Morrison, Marketing Intern, Cloud Security AllianceWhen CSA was started in 2009, Uber was just a German word for 'Super' and all CSA stood for was Community Supported Agriculture. Now in 2019, spending on cloud infrastructure has finally exceeded on-premises, and CSA is celebrating its 1...

CSA Summit Recap Part 1: Enterprise Perspective
Published: 03/08/2019

By Elisa Morrison, Marketing Intern, Cloud Security AllianceCSA’s 10th anniversary, coupled with the bestowal of the Decade of Excellence Awards gave a sense of accomplishment to this Summit that bodes well yet also challenges the CSA community to continue its pursuit of excellence. The common th...

CSA Summit at RSA Conference 2018 Turns Its Focus to Enterprise Grade Security: Will you be there?
Published: 04/03/2018

By J.R. Santos, Executive Vice President of Research, Cloud Security AllianceToday’s enterprise cloud adoption has moved well beyond the early adopters to encompass a wide range of mission-critical business functions. As financial services, government and other industries with regulatory mandate...

Observations on CSA Summit at RSA – Part 1
Published: 03/15/2017

By Katie Lewin, Federal Director, Cloud Security AllianceCSA Summit at RSA was a day-long session on Securing the Converged Cloud organized around presentations and panels from leading vendors such as Centrify, Veracode, Microsoft, and Netskope, as well as a talk on “Effective Cybersecurity” by R...

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