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Definitive Guide to Hybrid Clouds, Chapter 1: Navigating the Hybrid Cloud Journey
Published: 11/04/2022

Originally published by Gigamon. Written by Stephen Goudreault, Gigamon. This post explores Chapter 1 of the Definitive Guide™ to Network Visibility and Analytics in the Hybrid Cloud. Many organizations are deploying assets to the cloud, which is often the start of their cloud migration journey. ...

The Right Way To Address Multicloud Cybersecurity
Published: 11/30/2021

This blog was originally published by Booz Allen here. Written by Brad Beaulieu, Booz Allen. Tailoring security for multicloud’s unique challengesAs the industry’s cloud service vendors race to differentiate themselves with exclusive new features and innovations, federal agencies are riding the i...

Defining an Effective Multi-Cloud Strategy: Identifying Vulnerabilities Before They Wreak Havoc
Published: 11/22/2021

This blog was originally published by Alert Logic here. It’s not news that organizations are facing a growing number and frequency of cyber threats, nor that new, sophisticated attacks are evading traditional security tools. But the growing threat that companies face is the complexity of the...

Multi-Cloud Security: What You Need to Know
Published: 11/16/2021

This blog was originally published by Vulcan Cyber here. Written by Orani Amroussi, Vulcan Cyber. The multi-cloud approach is becoming increasingly popular among companies looking to take advantage of its agility, innovation, potential cost savings, and the flexibility to choose the best of what ...

What if On-Prem Cloud Strategy Relied on Policy-as-Code Rather Than Taking Inventory?
Published: 10/06/2021

This blog was originally published by Secberus here. Let's focus on creating cloud security policies that govern hybrid environments. Fausto Lendeborg, CEO of Secberus, and Everett Young, COO, spend a lot of their time talking about the future of cloud governance. And the rest of their time nabli...

​Mitigation Measures for Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities in Hybrid Cloud Environment
Published: 10/22/2020

Hybrid clouds are often the starting point for organizations in their cloud journey. However, any cloud model consists of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Earlier this year, the Hybrid Cloud Security Working Group examined hybrid cloud model risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in its ‘Hybrid ...

​Understanding Common Risks in Hybrid Clouds
Published: 07/14/2020

Written by:ZOU Feng, Co-Chair, Hybrid Cloud Security WG & Director of Cloud Security Planning and Compliance, HuaweiNarudom ROONGSIRIWONG, Co-Chair, Hybrid Cloud Security WG & SVP and Head of IT Security, Kiatnakin BankGENG Tao, Senior Engineer of Cloud Security Planning and Compliance, HuaweiHyb...

New and Unique Security Challenges in Native Cloud, Hybrid and Multi-cloud Environments
Published: 05/21/2019

By Hillary Baron, Research Analyst, Cloud Security AllianceCSA’s latest survey, Cloud Security Complexity: Challenges in Managing Security in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments, examines information security concerns in a complex cloud environment. Commissioned by AlgoSec, the survey of 700 IT a...

Securing the Hybrid Cloud: What Skills Do You Need?
Published: 06/14/2016

By Brian Dye, Corporate Vice President & General Manager/Corporate Products, Intel Security GroupWith enterprises moving to hybrid cloud environments, IT architectures are increasingly spread among on-premises infrastructure and public and private cloud platforms. Hybrid models offer many well-do...

A Hybrid Approach for Migrating IAM to the Cloud
Published: 06/10/2013

Merritt MaximDirector-Product MarketingCA TechnologiesWe continue to hear about how cloud, mobility and the consumerization of IT has the potential to transform business. However, the ongoing hype around these trends may lead some to believe that these trends require an “all or none” approach. ...

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