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Industry Insights
Cloud Economics: A Federal Perspective
Published: 01/24/2023

Written by Sandeep Shilawat, Cloud and IT Modernization Strategist, ManTech. Originally published by Forbes. Migration to the cloud ecosystem has had a profound impact on all aspects of business, as the cloud provides many benefits and gives an enterprise a strategic advantage. The application of...

CyberThreats Mushrooming Over Global Nuclear Facilities
Published: 12/14/2022

Originally published by Cyble. Cyble Research & Intelligence Labs (CRIL) has been observing and reporting about parallel cyber hostilities extending among various nations since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in February 2022.Apparently, Threat Actors (TAs), Hacktivist Groups, and Ma...

The Need for SAP Security in the Utilities Sector
Published: 10/27/2022

Originally published by Onapsis here. It’s no secret cyberattacks have become more advanced over the last few years. Industries that are critical to everyday life have seen, firsthand, the debilitating impact cyberattacks can have. Critical infrastructure, such as the informational technology (IT...

Higher Ed Campuses Have Digitized: Protecting Sensitive Data Requires a Unified Approach
Published: 10/21/2022

Originally published by Lookout here. Written by Tony D'Angelo, Vice President, Public Sector, Lookout. Higher education institutions have long been subjected to ransomware and other cyber attacks, which has had a huge impact on their operations. In 2020 alone, ransomware attacks affected nearly ...

Determining Your Level of CMMC Compliance: The Importance of CUI
Published: 10/03/2022

Originally published by Schellman here. Written by Todd Connor, Schellman. Did you know? The Council of Economic Advisors estimates that malicious cyber activity cost the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016. And unfortunately, in the years since, cybercrime has only become w...

Supply Chain Challenges in the Shadow of Digital Threats
Published: 09/23/2022

Originally published by HCL Technologies here. Written by Andy Packham, SVP & Chief Architect, HCL Microsoft Business Unit. In a monumental move toward greater organizational safety, the US government’s recent Cybersecurity Executive Order marks a major paradigm shift in the battle against digita...

166 Cybersecurity Statistics and Trends
Published: 07/29/2022

Originally published by Varonis here. Written by Rob Sobers, Varonis. Cybersecurity is a day-to-day operation for many businesses. A lack of data protection, side effects of a global pandemic, and an increase in exploit sophistication have led to a huge incline in hacked and breached data fr...

Conversation on Compliance: Q3 Insights
Published: 07/18/2022

This blog was originally published by IntelAgree here. Written by Lee Rone, General Counsel, IntelAgree. Regulatory compliance, particularly in the data privacy realm, is a delicate balancing act for general counsel. Not only does it require juggling international, domestic, and industry-specific...

Financial Services Turn to Confidential Computing for Key Use Cases
Published: 07/15/2022

This blog was originally published by Anjuna here. Why do highly regulated industries need the protection of Confidential Computing to secure personal data, MPC, and other applications?The very mention of today’s cloud-related financial risks raises goose-bumps: intensified money laundering campa...

Is Your CSP Capitalizing on the Rise in Federal Cloud Spending?
Published: 07/12/2022

This blog was originally published by A-LIGN here. Written by Tony Bai, Federal Practice Lead, A-LIGN. With federal cloud spending at an all-time high, the government sector has become a lucrative market for technology companies. Analysis from Deltek indicates that federal agencies spent nearly $...

CSA and the Cyber Risk Institute: CCM Addendum for the Financial Sector
Published: 06/28/2022
Author: Daniele Catteddu

The CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is 11 years old. Almost a teenager! Over time it has evolved and matured and has been a fundamental piece of the cloud journey for several thousands of organizations worldwide. Virtually any organization willing to implement cloud computing in a secure way ha...

Answers to Common Questions About the Applicability of the PCI DSS to Service Providers
Published: 06/22/2022

This blog was originally published by Weaver here. Written by Kyle Morris, Senior Manager, Weaver. How does the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) apply to service providers? Service providers are entities that are directly involved in the storing, processing, or transmittin...

A Dollar is a Dollar: Communicating Zero Trust to Public Officials
Published: 05/31/2022

This blog was originally published by CXO REvolutionaries here. Written by David Cagigal, former CIO of Wisconsin. Over the last few years, the term zero trust has taken on different meanings depending on the speaker's motives. So when we discuss it today, to any audience, we must take great care...

CCSK Success Stories: From a Banking Project Delivery Leader
Published: 05/28/2022

This is part of a blog series interviewing cybersecurity professionals who have earned their Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK). In these blogs we invite individuals to share some of the challenges they face in managing security for cloud computing and how they were able to leverage k...

Cyber Risks Haunt Energy and Natural Resource Sector
Published: 01/31/2022

This blog was originally published by KPMG here. Written by Ronald Heil, KPMG. Imagine connected sensors that dispatch a repair crew to a fraying pipeline, laser ‘guard rails’ that prevent tanker trucks from backing off piers, and smart systems that prompt the power company to recharge your elect...

Blockchain Security and Legaltech
Published: 12/14/2021

Written by Sebastian Soriano, TRATO Since its inception, the blockchain technology has shown promising application prospects. With the rise of technology many industry players are now digitizing and integrating new technologies to ensure cybersecurity in transactions. Among all solutions, t...

Why Cloud Security is Critical for Retailers
Published: 10/29/2021

By Kristen Bickerstaff, CyberArk. The past few years have seen accelerated digital transformations for the retail industry as online shopping and the demand for digital-first businesses have grown tremendously. Retailers are rapidly turning to the cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to...

How Do You Securely Use the Office 365 Suite?
Published: 10/26/2021

This blog was originally published by Fortica here. Written by Romain Coussement – Cloud Security Expert at Fortica. The Office 365 suite is already in place in many companies. Does everyone use it completely securely? Not necessarily. But be aware that Microsoft’s range of tools offers a host ...

Why the World Needs Proactive Cybersecurity
Published: 09/21/2021

This blog was originally published by Bitglass here.Written by Ben Rice, Bitglass.Computing is now in a ubiquitous state with users able to connect to a dizzying number of services and applications. Companies have networked together everything to reduce costs, increase automation, and achieve dig...

Cybersecurity’s Next Fight: How to Protect Employees From Online Harassment
Published: 09/15/2021

This blog was originally published by Microsoft here.The security community is continuously changing, growing, and learning from each other to better position the world against cyber threats. In this blog post, Microsoft Product Marketing Manager Natalia Godyla talks with Leigh Honeywell, CEO and...

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