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Industry Insights
What a More Holistic Approach to Cloud-Native Security and Observability Looks Like
Published: 06/27/2022

This blog was originally published by Tigera here. Written by Laura Ferguson, Tigera. The rise of cloud native and containerization, along with the automation of the CI/CD pipeline, introduced fundamental changes to existing application development, deployment, and security paradigms. Because clo...

For Fun – Aligning or Putting Music to the Varieties of Efforts, Tasks, Work Roles, and Functions in Cybersecurity
Published: 05/27/2022

Produced by: Stan Mierzwa, M.S., CISSP, CCSK, Cloud Security Alliance NJ Chapter President Contributions by: Eliot Perez, Assistant Director Security, Transportation Industry and Cloud Security Alliance NJ Chapter Board Member Todd Edison, Chapter Relations Manager, Cloud Security Alliance ...

How to Architect for Sustainability in a Cloud Native Environment
Published: 05/16/2022

This blog was originally published by Contino here. Written by Scott McCracken, Contino. Recognising the impact we have on the environment is more important than ever and ensuring our businesses are sustainable is now paramount. Over the last year, more and more organisations have signed up to Th...

Handling the Challenge of Model Drift in Data Lakes
Published: 03/30/2022

Written by Dr. Nathan Green, Marymount University and Oliver Forbes, NTT DATA One of the most constant and evolving characteristics of the sharing of information, is data in its readable form and its various models of consumption. Machine learning is an impactful tool of analysis that plays a...

7 Technology Innovations That Will Impact Cybersecurity in 2022 and Beyond
Published: 03/27/2022

Cloud has become the foundation for launching new technologies. As these new technologies are developed and adopted by enterprises, they will increasingly impact cybersecurity. Help our industry start preparing for the future by informing yourself of the top emerging technologies to watch for.Vie...

Are You Ready for the Great Cybersecurity RESET?
Published: 02/14/2022

This blog was originally published by CXO REvolutionaries here. Written by Phil Armstrong, EVP & Global CIO (former). Have you heard about the “great cybersecurity RESET” yet? The reset is a new wave of activity and an emerging global trend centered around cybersecurity planning. Businesses aroun...

The Cyber Defense Matrix
Published: 02/11/2022

This blog was originally published by JupiterOne here. Written by Sounil Yu, CISO & Head of Research, JupiterOne. In a world where cybersecurity threats evolve and proliferate at dizzying speed, a confusing and disordered cybersecurity landscape makes it all too difficult to ensure that our asset...

Securing Data Lakes in a Data Centric World
Published: 01/14/2022

Written by Dr. Diane Murphy, Marymount University and Oliver Forbes, NTT DATA Data allows the business of today to optimize performance, investigate fraud and discover solutions to problems that we didn't even know the question to. At the heart of such are the inner workings of expansive data lak...

Building Confidence in Quantum-Resistant Algorithms: How much analysis is needed?
Published: 02/25/2021

Written Roberta Faux, Lead Author and Quantum-safe Security Working Group MemberThe CSA Quantum-Safe Security Working Group has produced a new white paper, “Confidence in Post Quantum Algorithms.” This paper attempts to measure the published analysis of post-quantum or quantum-resistant cryptogra...

Can Blockchains Survive the Quantum Computer?
Published: 02/09/2021

Suppose you were asked to rank the most significant innovations in IT over the last few years. What would come to your mind? It is very likely that both blockchain and quantum technologies would come close to the top of your list.Blockchains promise the secure exchange of digital assets (such as ...

​Earning Trust in the 21st Century - Creating Trust Frameworks in a Zero Trust World
Published: 01/26/2021

By: Anil Karmel, President, Cloud Security Alliance Washington DC Metro Area Chapter (CSA-DC)Our world is more connected and reliant on technology than ever before, yet we are more disconnected and trust each other less now than ever before. New attacks such as the SolarWinds hack have immense re...

Will Hybrid Cryptography Protect Us from the Quantum Threat?
Published: 06/17/2019

By Roberta Faux, Director of Advance Cryptography, BlackHorse SolutionsOur new white paper explains the pros and cons of hybrid cryptography. The CSA Quantum-Safe Security Working Group has produced a new primer on hybrid cryptography. This paper, “Mitigating the Quantum Threat with Hybrid Crypto...

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