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Industry Insights
Compliance: Cybersecurity Assurance OR How to Gain the Trust of Your Business Partners
Published: 12/09/2021

By Mustapha Berrabaa – CTO at Fortica Information security is a concern for all organizations, including those that outsource key business operations to third-party vendors (examples: SaaS, cloud service providers).  Poorly managed data can expose companies to attacks such as data theft, exto...

A Practical Guide to the Different Compliance Kubernetes Security Frameworks and How They Fit Together
Published: 11/18/2021

This blog was originally published by ARMO here. Written by Jonathan Kaftzan, ARMO. TL;DR - Comparing popular Kubernetes security and compliance frameworks, how they differ, when to use, common goals, and suggested toolsThe challenge of administering security and maintaining compliance in a Kuber...

Data Security and Privacy-related ISO/IEC Certifications
Published: 11/17/2021

Written by Ashwin Chaudhary, CEO of Accedere. In this blog, we will focus on Data Security and Privacy-related ISO/IEC Certifications. With the cybercrime market targeting 10.5 Trillion USD and increasing data security breaches, the need for third-party vendor certifications is also increasin...

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