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Industry Insights
4 Important Compliance Management Tasks for Startups
Published: 11/28/2022

Originally published by A-LIGN. The ongoing increase in cyberattacks has emphasized the importance of cybersecurity and compliance management, especially for startups still gaining market share. As startups work to win new customers, they may have to overcome a prospect’s fears that as an organiz...

Cloud Security for SaaS Startups Part 2: Application & Platform Security
Published: 05/03/2021

Based on the Cloud Security for Startups guidelines written by the CSA Israel ChapterAs a SaaS startup, how can your organization ensure you implement proper security for your applications and platforms? In this blog we provide a preview of the information and guidelines available in the Cloud Se...

A New Resource for API Security Best Practices
Published: 04/30/2021

The applicative infrastructure is becoming more and more complex due to different requirements, design patterns, and technologies. In many of these cases, one of those requirements is to connect other parties to systems, and in other cases, to connect systems to other parties. Nowadays, the most ...

Cloud Security for SaaS Startups Part 1: Requirements for Early Stages of a Startup
Published: 02/19/2021

Based on the Cloud Security for Startups guidelines written by the CSA Israel ChapterBackground Information security is a complicated subject even for mature enterprises, so it’s no wonder that startups find the area challenging. Planning, implementing and maintaining good-practice security are n...

4 Lessons For Small Ecommerce Stores Trying To Improve Security
Published: 12/04/2020

By Rodney Laws, Editor at Ecommerce PlatformsSecurity is tougher for small ecommerce stores. They don’t have weighty budgets allowing massive investment — and while they’re less likely to be targeted owing to their relative lack of popularity and revenue, their appeal lives in vulnerability. Afte...

3 Things Startups Need to Know to Move to the Cloud
Published: 05/05/2015

By Shellye Archambeau, CEO, MetricStreamDespite concerns around data security, businesses are optimistic about the cloud. In fact, software-as-a-service adoption has more than quintupled from 13 percent in 2011 to 72 percent in 2014, according to a cloud computing survey conducted by North Bridge...

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