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Industry Insights
Roadmap to Earning Your Certificate in Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

Published: 05/28/2019

In this blog we’ll be taking a look at how to earn your Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), from study materials, to how to prepare, to the details of the exam, including a module breakdown, passing rates, format etc. Below is an infographic highlighting the main topics we'll be discu...

CCSK Success Stories: From a Data Privacy Consultant

Published: 04/16/2019

By the CSA Education Team This is the fourth part in a blog series on cloud security training, in which we will be interviewing Satishkumar Tadapalli a certified and seasoned information security and data privacy consultant. Tadapalli has 12+ years of multi-functional IT experience in pre-sales,...

CCSK Success Stories: From an Information Systems Security Manager

Published: 03/07/2019

By the CSA Education TeamThis is the third part in a blog series on Cloud Security Training. Today, we will be interviewing Paul McAleer. Paul is a Marine Corps veteran and currently works as an Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) at Novetta Solutions, an advanced data analytics company h...

CCSK Success Stories: From the Financial Sector

Published: 01/24/2019

By the CSA Education TeamThis is the second part in a blog series on Cloud Security Training. Today we will be interviewing an infosecurity professional working in the financial sector. John C Checco is President Emeritus for the New York Metro InfraGard Members Alliance, as well as an Informatio...

Addressing the Skills Gap in Cloud Security Professionals

Published: 12/17/2018

By Ryan Bergsma, Training Program Director, CSAOne of the math lessons that has always stuck with me from childhood is that if you took a penny and doubled it every day for a month, it would make you a millionaire. In fact, it wouldn’t even take the whole month, you would be a millionaire on the...

Prepare to Take (and Ace) the CCSK Exam at Infosecurity Europe

Published: 05/31/2018

By Ryan Bergsma, Training Program Director, Cloud Security Alliance Here’s a riddle for you. It’s been called the “mother of all cloud computing security certifications” by CIO Magazine. Search Cloud Security said it’s “a good alternative cloud security certification for an entry-level to midran...

CCSK Certification vs AWS Certification – A Definitive Guide

Published: 05/28/2018

By Graham Thompson, CCSK, CCSP, CISSP, Authorized Trainer, Intrinsec Security I was recently asked about CCSK certification vs AWS certification and which one should be pursued by someone looking to getting into cloud security. This post tries to address the question “which cloud certification...

34 Cloud Security Terms You Should Know

Published: 03/23/2018

By Dylan Press, Director of Marketing, AvananWe hope you use this as a reference not only for yourself but for your team and in training your organization. Print this out and pin it outside your cubicle.How can you properly research a cloud security solution if you don't understand what you are r...

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