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Industry Insights
How to choose a Zero Trust architecture: SDP or Reverse-Proxy?

Published: 02/15/2021

This blog was originally published on Wandera.comWritten by Alex Wells at WanderaZero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the next generation access solution that is set to be a key part of IT administrators toolkits, displacing longstanding Virtual Private Networks (VPN). There are numerous factors a...

​Earning Trust in the 21st Century - Creating Trust Frameworks in a Zero Trust World

Published: 01/26/2021

By: Anil Karmel, President, Cloud Security Alliance Washington DC Metro Area Chapter (CSA-DC)Our world is more connected and reliant on technology than ever before, yet we are more disconnected and trust each other less now than ever before. New attacks such as the SolarWinds hack have immense re...

Help CSA Develop a New SDP Training - Join the SDP Expert Group

Published: 01/24/2021

Join the Software Defined Perimeter Expert GroupCSA is looking for volunteers to join the CSA Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Expert Group to help review and advise on the scope, curriculum, objectives, structure, go-to-market strategy and value proposition for an 8 hour CSA SDP Training.This gr...

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