CSA APAC Congress

Cloud computing has brought forth an information revolution. All kinds of data, from personal data to corporate intellectual property, are now stored in digital format in the cloud. This pervasiveness of data in the cloud has made cybersecurity more challenging than ever. While cloud computing has created new business and industry opportunities, cloud computing has also led to gaps in information security management, that have become the target of malicious activity in the cyberspace. CSA APAC Congress 2014 aims to broaden your knowledge about the critical role that cloud computing plays and the corresponding cybersecurity concern. Besides inviting you to join in the cloud computing revolution and exposing you to the latest innovations in cloud security, this event will also release the latest cloud security guidelines localised in your regional languages to enable you to safely harness the power of cloud computing for your business. Additionally, the event will also hold the 2nd CSA STAR Lead Auditor Course in Taiwan, to be conducted by BSI and a CCSK course by HP. The 1st CSA STAR course in Taiwan was well-received with an attendance of 19 participants on the 1st of July. Join us for 4 days of workshop and a day of conference from the 1st to 5th of September in Taipei, Taiwan. Register