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The Cloud Security Alliance is a community non-profit which is driven by its members. Have a white paper or information on a cloud security product you want to contribute? Papers can be submitted under the following guidelines:

  • The preferred submission method is Google Docs; however PDF, HTML, ODT and DOC is accepted as well.
  • Topic matter should pertain to cloud security.
  • White paper submissions should be vendor neutral, in that they should not advocate the use of a specific product.
  • Vendor papers must provide useful technical information and cannot simply be a marketing slick or feature list. Good examples would be a deployment guide or a configuration guide for specific use cases.
  • White papers are released through the Creative Commons license format.
  • Papers should be submitted to the editorial review board for consideration using the form below:

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Editorial Review Board

Many thanks to the editorial review board for maintaining this library. The editors are:

Anton Chuvakin of Gartner Inc.

Aurelian Dumitru of Nokia Inc.

Chris Brenton of CloudPassage

Craig Wright of Global Institute for Cybersecurity + Research

John Strand of Black Hills Information Security

Tanya Baccam of Baccam Consulting