Financial Services Working Group

Introduction to the Financial Services Working Group

The Financial Services working group (FSWG) main objective is to identify and share the challenges, risks and Best Practices for the development, deployment and management of secure cloud services in the financial and banking industry.

FSWG results are expected to accelerate the adoption of Secure Cloud services in the Financial Industry by helping the Industry on adoption of best practices.

The Financial Services Working Group will consider financial and banking (F&B) sector’s interests regarding security, privacy and compliance in the Cloud’s industry, promoting research in CSA on commented industry.

The Financial Service Working Group will disseminate the results reached during its research process and the various studies done, as Guidelines and Recommendations for the Delivery and Management of Cloud Services in the Financial and Banking sector.

Financial Services Working Group Leadership

Financial Services Co-chairs

Mario Maawad

Security Manager, CaixaBank

Juan Francisco Losa

Head of Innovation, Engineering and Software Development It Risk, Fraud & Security, BBVA

Financial Services Working Group Initiatives

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Financial Services Working Group News

September 25, 2014

Survey Opportunitiy: Cloud Adoption in the Finance Industry

The 21 question survey will be open until October 26, 2014 with the results published in late fall.

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