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The cloud market is huge and growing daily. You know that your company has a lot to offer, not only in providing products and services, but also in guiding the direction of the industry. Educate potential users and other stakeholders about your company while showcasing your own expertise and good practices to a global marketplace.

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Are you a SaaS provider?
Many of CSA’s enterprise members report that ensuring SaaS companies can be trusted is their number one pain point in vendor procurement.

CSA holds a unique industry position in brokering trust between SaaS companies and their customers. You can learn more below, or contact us if you are interested in talking to someone from CSA around what that membership would look like.

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CSA Events

CSA offers event sponsorship opportunities from regional forums to CSA Summits at national conferences. Only Corporate members are allowed to sponsor these events. We also provide the opportunity to sponsor our yearly conferences; these provide the deepest dive into cloud security anywhere.

As a thought-leading organization in a highly sought-after field, CSA is also frequently asked to provide speakers to industry conferences. CSA often recommends its corporate members for such opportunities - a further opportunity to raise your company's profile.

CSA Webinars

CSA webinar channels are designed to inform our audience about trending topics, new technologies, and the latest research. As a member, you can showcase your subject matter experts and introduce your company to a large, diverse audience with a proven interest in learning more about cloud computing related topics, trends, and challenges. Webinar sponsorships allow you to showcase thought leadership while reaching a highly targeted audience with aproven interest in your chosen topic.

CSA Research

Use your brand to drive awareness, support compelling content and increase the visibility of resources that provide global security professionals the tools they need to solve tomorrow’s problems today. Research sponsorships allow your company to include its branding on research documents and endorse initiatives.


Executive Briefings

Executive briefings give your team access to subject matter experts to discuss cloud-specific platforms, industry trends, and technology implementations. During these sessions, we provide a forum where you can interact with CSA leadership, share strategies, and exchange information in a closed-door environment. Based on the topics, attendees will receive valuable insights presented exclusively to this group by some of the top industry experts leading CSA’s research activities.

Research Leadership & Engagement

CSA working groups develop tools and guidance that are specific to cloud-related challenges. Participating in and leading future research initiatives enables your organization to address problems you are trying to solve in a way that follows best practices determined by the subject matter experts. Employees who engage in conducting research can build their expertise while also ensuring that standards are implemented into solutions and products. Other benefits include priority access to research analysts, and opportunities to lead specific areas of research.

Membership Spotlight Calls

Broken up by membership benefit, these calls allow solution provider members to stay up to date on the latest CSA opportunities for event sponsorships, research, webinars, speaking opportunities and more. Each call is around 30 minutes and allows you to be aware of opportunities and exclusive benefits available to you as a CSA member.


Analyst Briefings

As a solution provider member, you have direct access to research analysts to get briefed on CSA research initiatives first-hand. CSA is a resource of subject matter experts, and we're here to support your roadmap and strategy. As a member, start a conversation around what you're doing, and CSA can help connect you with the right people to talk through that strategy.

Certification & Training

CSA’s certification and training program is based on vendor-neutral research compiled by the industry’s subject matter experts and includes courses covering governance, risk and compliance, auditing, architecture, and more. CSA solution provider members are given free seats to the course/certification of your choice. You will also be given special volume discounts on training, exam tokens and more when purchasing in bulk for your team. CSA training can be used to educate both technical teams as well as non-technical departments, such as sales teams and customer facing consultants.

Tools & Platforms

Threat Intelligence Exchange

CSA solution provider members receive complimentary seats for the cyber threat intelligence exchange. Security operations teams can leverage this platform to quickly and anonymously collaborate with other members on attack mitigation and solutions. It can be used to communicate threats either internally or externally, and companies hesitant about sharing data outside of their organization can still leverage it to communicate threats between departments.

Tools for Due Diligence

As the industry needs evolve, the CSA community creates security and privacy tools for due diligence such as the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) and STAR registry (CAIQ). Corporate members gain exclusive use permissions, access to APIs, and various licenses to SaaS tools created for the community by the community to streamline the adoption of cloud services.


Media Engagement

CSA can assist your organization with news releases and white papers. As a member, you can request quotes from CSA experts, access our press release template, cite CSA research (with attribution), and coordinate press releases for any CSA related announcements. This, combined with branding activities, helps increase awareness of your participation in the industry’s leading cloud security association.

Branding with CSA

Showcase your logo and corporate profile on one of the industry's most highly trafficked sites dedicated to cloud computing issues. CSA's Corporate members are entitled to use the CSA logo, which they can post on the website or use with printed collateral. Branding with CSA demonstrates thought leadership by showing the industry that you are part of an elite group driving cloud security.

Social Media & Blog

Leverage CSA’s online communities to share relevant news, insights and resources. Become a part of a valuable thought exchange by submitting articles to reach a global audience with a proven interest in cloud security.

CSA Trusted Cloud Provider

This trustmark assists consumers in identifying cloud providers that demonstrate their commitment to holistic security and are aligned with their individual security requirements. Among other requirements, only CSA Corporate Members are able to apply to become a CSA Trusted Cloud Provider.

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Membership looks different for each organization. We'd love to find out the specific challenges
your organization is facing so we can help you find the best ways to leverage these benefits.

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SaaS Providers

SaaS companies represent the heart of business solutions and are growing rapidly. SaaS companies are very diverse in their size and security maturity. CSA’s SaaS membership provides specific benefits geared towards SaaS provider needs and pain points. Our goal is to help SaaS companies achieve excellent security and communicate a sense of trust to their customers and the greater market.

This membership is a good fit for both security and non-security SaaS vendors who provide solutions to businesses of any type.

The number one pain point in vendor procurement is ensuring that SaaS companies can be trusted according to CSA enterprise members.

Unique Benefits for SaaS Members:

  • A dedicated support desk
  • Guidance from CSA to help improve security maturity
  • Help with getting your cloud service listed in the CSA STAR Registry
  • Branding and a trust badge for organizations who meet the requirements to become a CSA Trusted Cloud Provider

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You have a vision that your startup will become a dominant market leader. How do you make sure that
the industry sees the value in your offerings? CSA offers a special membership plan for Startup Solution
Providers at a greatly reduced cost. Find out if Startup Membership is a good fit.

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