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Cloud Security Alliance

June 28, 2016

CSA Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to the CSA Monthly Newsletter

Summer has officially arrived and the CSA Research team has been busy with CloudBytes, surveys, and project initiatives for June. Get involved with the CSA and read this month's newsletter for the latest in CSA Research.

Research News

Stay up to date with our latest research projects.

Data Privacy and Digital Transformation Survey

Cloud-based technologies are driving digital transformation, but new data privacy regulations are hampering adoption. We’d like to understand how you and your organization are balancing this dynamic.

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Mitigating Risk for Cloud Apps and IT Security in the Age of Cloud Survey

Current state of SaaS security – with several years of cloud adoption in many organizations, approaches to security have been evolving rapidly. The purpose of this survey is to look at the specific concerns, policies, and controls that enterprises are using.

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Open Peer Review – Big Data Security and Privacy Handbook: 100 Best Practices in Big Data Security and Privacy

The Cloud Security Alliance would like to invite you to review and comment on the Big Data working group’s latest document, Big Data Security and Privacy Handbook: 100 Best Practices in Big Data Security and Privacy. This document lists out in detail the best practices that should be followed by big data service providers to fortify their infrastructures.

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Learn about our research at https://cloudsecurityalliance.org/research/.

Upcoming Events

Join us in our efforts of solving critical security problems by attending the events below.

CSA North Texas Summit 2016

August 23, 2016 - Dallas, Texas, USA

The full day Cloud Security Alliance North Texas Summit is a standalone event in the greater “TOLA,” North Texas, area on August 23, 2016. This summit is hosted by the CSA North Texas chapter.

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CSA Congress US at PSR 2016

September 15-16, 2016 - San Jose, CA, USA

Innovative since Day 1, P.S.R. brings together two related fields—privacy and security—helping you see beyond your role in order to excel in your role. Because perspective is everything. Delivering the most thought-provoking speakers, sessions led by foremost experts and invaluable opportunities to connect and share ideas, P.S.R. gives you a world of new perspective. Don’t miss it.

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CSA EMEA Congress 2016

November 15, 2016 - Madrid, Spain

The Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress is Europe’s premier cloud security event and is designed around the CSA’s core mission of promoting the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing and to provide education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help secure all other forms of computing.

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All of our upcoming event information can also be viewed online at https://csacongress.org/events/.

Education Opportunities

Cloud Security Alliance seeks to educate and inform users and providers of cloud services.

The CSA Strategy for Securing IoT via the Cloud

Internet of Things will lead to a future where virtually every physical item has a microprocessor and all industries will be disrupted. In this presentation, CSA CEO Jim Reavis discusses key security trends for Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.

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Data-centric Protection: the Future of BYOD Security

July 12, 2016

Enabling secure BYOD has long been a challenge for IT. Attempts to secure these devices with agents and device management tools like MDM have been met with widespread employee concerns about privacy and usability, and as a result, organizations see low rates of adoption.


Protecting Employees on the move with Cloud-Friendly Application Segmentation

July 13, 2016

Changed business practices, such as employees working on the move and the adoption of the cloud and cloud resources, should be mirrored by a change in security strategies. Organizations are commonly reluctant to adopt cloud technologies over concerns with security and control over enterprise data.


Get more information about cloud security training — including the CCSK Training Schedule at https://cloudsecurityalliance.org/education/.


Recent publications from our ongoing research initiatives.

Quantum Random Number Generators

In this report from CSA’s Quantum-Safe Security Working Group, Quantum Random Number Generators will go over the impacts of randomness on security. For security or other applications where high quality randomness is needed, physical approaches are taken to generate random bits.

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Cloud Data Center Security Working Group Charter

Data Center is a critical infrastructure for Cloud Computing. The Cloud Data Center Security working group aims to develop a security guidance document for Data Center providers and customers worldwide, focusing mainly on physical security requirements of the facility and operational best practices.

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‘The Treacherous Twelve’ Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2016

This paper seeks to view the cloud computing industry through the lens of the enterprise information security practitioner. By articulating the state of cloud security from this viewpoint, we can better understand the gaps and solutions we must advocate for and help cloud providers better understand the needs of their consumers.

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Find more publications at https://cloudsecurityalliance.org/download/.