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Published 03/22/2013

Upcoming Cloud Security Training in EMEA

Upcoming Cloud Security Training in EMEA

Securosis has recently updated the CCSK training curriculum to be in alignment with the Cloud Security Alliance Guidance V3.0, and the training class is much improved. Many of the hands-on exercises have been overhauled, and if you are looking to get familiar with cloud security you will want to check out this class. A unique CCSK training class will happen April 8-10 in Reading, UK to deliver the Basic, Plus, and Train the Trainer (TTT) courses. That's right, there will be a third day to train the next group of CCSK curriculum instructors. Securosis' Mike Rothman will be the instructor and he was one of the developers of the training curriculum and one of two people certified to train other instructors. With the CSA making a fairly serious investment, as evidenced by their recent announcement naming HP as a Master Training Partner and some other upcoming strategic alliances, the CCSK is going to grow gangbusters in 2013. So if you do training, or would like cloud security to be a larger part of your business, getting certified as a CCSK trainer would be a good thing. If you want to become certified to teach, you need to attend one of these courses. And even if you aren’t interested in teaching, it’s also a good opportunity to get trained by the folks who built the course. You can get details and sign up for the training in Reading, UK, April 8-10. (http://ccskuk.eventbrite.com/) Here is the description of each of the 3 days of training:

Day 1: There is a lot of hype and uncertainty around cloud security, but this class will slice through the hyperbole and provide students with the practical knowledge they need to understand the real cloud security issues and solutions. The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) – Basic class provides a comprehensive one day review of cloud security fundamentals and prepares them to take the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK certification exam. Starting with a detailed description of cloud computing, the course covers all major domains in the latest Guidance document from the Cloud Security Alliance, and the recommendations from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). The Basic class is geared towards security professionals, but is also useful for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of cloud security. (We recommend attendees have at least a basic understanding of security fundamentals, such as firewalls, secure development, encryption, and identity management).

Day 2: The CCSK-Plus class builds upon the CCSK Basic class with expanded material and extensive hands-on activities with a second day of training. The Plus class (on the second day) enhances the classroom instruction with real world cloud security labs! Students will learn to apply their knowledge as they perform a series of exercises, as they complete a scenario bringing a fictional organization securely into the cloud. This second day of training includes additional lecture, although students will spend most of their time assessing, building, and securing a cloud infrastructure during the exercises. Activities include creating and securing private clouds and public cloud instances, as well as encryption, applications, identity management, and much more.

Day 3: The CCSK Instructor workshop adds a third day to train prospective trainers. More detail about how to teach the course will be presented, as well as a detailed look into the hands-on labs, and an opportunity for all trainers to present a portion of the course. Click here for more information on the CCSK Training Partner Program (PDF) - https://cloudsecurityalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/CCSK-Partner-Program.pdf.

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