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Published 04/14/2020

Cloud Security Alliance Expands Virtual Learning Resources Program CSAAnywhere

Cloud Security Alliance Expands Virtual Learning Resources Program CSAAnywhere

Connect, train, learn, and collaborate from anywhere in the world

SEATTLE – April 14, 2020 – The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifications and best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment, today announced the availability of numerous online resources for cloud and cybersecurity professionals to further their education and expand their network through its CSAAnywhere program. Whether it’s leveraging CSA’s discounted online courses, collaborating through Circle, CSA’s online global community, or earning CPE credits while learning about the latest cloud security technology and research on CloudBytes, CSA’s award winning webinar channel, CSA has it covered.

“At CSA, we are monitoring events, collaborating with members, and communicating with researchers and chapters to start understanding and building a database of lessons learned — what’s working well and what the challenges are ahead,” said Jim Reavis, CEO and co-founder, Cloud Security Alliance. “As we do so, we hope that as certain planned projects are put on hold for many organizations, professionals can leverage the CSA Knowledge Center to make education a priority and continue to be productive during this difficult time.”

On April 15, as part of CSA’s webinar series, Dan Geer, CISO for In-Q-Tel, will take a strategic look at the future of cloud and cybersecurity in his webinar, Hard Choices by Dan Geer. He will take a deep dive, answering a set of provocative questions that get to the heart of the risks we face with automation, cloud, supply chains, critical infrastructure, and the strategies the industry must consider to navigate the future. Register now at no cost.

In addition, cloud and cybersecurity professionals can take advantage of a 20-percent discount on all CSA online courses, as well as CCSK exam tokens, through May 31 with the discount code TrainAnywhere. Among the offerings are the award-winning Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) and module series, the Cloud Governance & Compliance course and associated hands-on labs, the CSA Research Library, and the Advanced Cloud Security Practitioner Pre-Class Setup and Required Lab. These vendor-neutral training courses are backed by industry-driven research and are available as both self-paced, online and virtual, instructor-led courses.

“If there is one thing that the COVID-19 epidemic has taught us it’s that when it comes to successfully weathering a crisis, you cannot be overprepared,” said Daniele Catteddu, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Security Alliance. “If they are to have hope of not only surviving but thriving, companies must be resilient to unexpected events. To accomplish this, they need to establish, enforce, test, and maintain their preparedness and response plans. We hope that cloud and cybersecurity professionals will be able to benefit from our online library of resources and courses to strengthen their company’s security posture.”

CSA members are also encouraged to strategize and collaborate with their peers through Circle that facilitates resources and security discussions within a diverse group of CSA partners. In Circle, members can learn more about the topics they’ve always been curious to explore further, or build their reputation by leading important conversations in their area of expertise. As CSA releases new research, it’s the place to start a conversation around possible applications, ask questions, and discuss how it could play a part in the broader security environment. Become a part of discussion groups for research, job postings from both CSA member and non-member companies, the CCSK, and more.

CSA will be rolling out a series of global virtual events in the coming weeks, including CloudBytes Connect (May 26-28), a multi-day virtual event program that will bring the collaboration of research and community to the forefront, and the Virtual EU Summit (June 9-12), which will address trust-building measures and the private sector in a secure and trusted cloud environment. Check back for updated information.

About Cloud Security Alliance

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. CSA harnesses the subject matter expertise of industry practitioners, associations, governments, and its corporate and individual members to offer cloud security-specific research, education, training, certification, events, and products. CSA's activities, knowledge, and extensive network benefit the entire community impacted by cloud — from providers and customers to governments, entrepreneurs, and the assurance industry — and provide a forum through which different parties can work together to create and maintain a trusted cloud ecosystem. For further information, visit us at, and follow us on Twitter @cloudsa.

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About Cloud Security Alliance

The Cloud Security Alliance is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing, and to provide education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help secure all other forms of computing. The Cloud Security Alliance is led by a broad coalition of industry practitioners, corporations, associations and other key stakeholders. For further information, follow us on Twitter @cloudsa.

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