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Ashish Mehta

Ashish Mehta is an independent IT& Security Consultant specializing in
solving technology issues related to Startups and SMEs in the US, Dubai and

Ashish is currently working on two Blockchain projects which are focused on
cryptocurrency exchanges. For the past year, Ashish has served as Co-Chair
of the Blockchain Working Group (WG) and has contributed heavily to the
research papers coming out of the Blockchain WG. He is also responsible for
coordinating multiple guest presentations at the Blockchain WG.
Additionally, he serves as IoT security consortium team lead for the CSA
IoT Working Group.

Ashish is a white hat specializing in researching web vulnerabilities. He
has contributed heavily to various open-source projects in the fields of
GRC as well as to the OWASP project and has also contributed as a
professional blogger for various financial & technology websites as well as
serving on multiple technology advisory panels.

Ashish holds an M.Sc (Hons) from Columbia.University,USA & a B.Tech (Hons)
from IIT-Kharagpur,India.