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Masahiro Morozumi Headshot

Masahiro Morozumi

Executive Director, CSA Japan Chapter

Masahiro Morozumi is the executive director of CSA Japan Chapter. He is a founding member of CSA Japan Chapter. He has been working for information security, and founded his own consulting firm back in 2014 with the aim to promote Cloud adoptionproviding consultation to SMEs on how to move to Cloud securely. He also participates in different CSA research and works to promote adoption of CSA’s best practices in different Cloud based technologies. Especially for contributing themapping to CCM, joining to translate CSA documents to Japanese, like CSA guidance, CCM, STAR and IoT.

In addition to the experience of information security, he has an engineering experience for UNIX operating system and Oracle database. He also graduated from The University of Electro-Communications with a Master in Management Engineering.

Responsible for translation of CSA research artifacts in Japanese; they include:

  • Top Threats to Cloud Computing The Egregious 11
  • Guideline on Effectively Managing Security Service in the Cloud
  • Using Blockchain Technology to Secure the Internet of Things
  • Code of Conduct for GDPR Compliance
  • The Treacherous 12 – Top Threats to Cloud Computing + Industry Insights
  • Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing v4.0
  • Identity and Access Management for the Internet of Things

Contributions: Member of CCM, IoT and Guidance Working Groups; contributor to ISO27017 mapping to CCM; managed CSA Japan Summit and Congress; served as Executive Director of the CSA Japan Chapter.