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Introduction to the Anti-Bot Working Group

Mission Statement: To develop and maintain a research portfolio providing capabilities to assist the cloud provider industry in taking a lifecycle approach to botnet prevention.

Botnets have long been a favored attack mechanism of malicious actors. A recent evolution in botnet innovation has been the introduction of server-based Bots as an alternative to single user personal computers. The access to vastly greater upload bandwidths and higher compute performance has attracted the same adversaries who have built and operated earlier botnets. As cloud computing is rapidly becoming the primary option for server-based computing and hosted IT infrastructure, CSA as the industry leader has an obligation to articulate solutions to prevent, respond and mitigate against botnets occurring on cloud infrastructure. The CSA Anti-Bot Working Group is the primary stakeholder for coordinating these activities.

Anti-Bot Working Group Leadership

Shelbi Rombout, U.S. Bank
Patrick Enyart, McKesson

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Anti-Bot Working Group Charter

Anti-Bot Working Group Charter

Release Date: December 04, 2013

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