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Security and privacy are the primary concerns for organizations considering SaaS adoption, and recent research indicates that 77% of SaaS-adopting organizations have experienced SaaS-specific security incidents. SaaS services account for the bulk of the cloud industry market, and any security incident could critically impact cloud customers. Due to heavy competitive pressure in the SaaS market today, security is too often not a top priority for SaaS providers – especially for the smaller providers that may not have the necessary security expertise to identify and manage the risks that could impact cloud customers and the cloud provider’s own operations. The SaaS Governance Working Group will encourage and define mechanisms for customers and service providers to cooperate and work closely with each other to manage SaaS risks and ensure the security of customer data and the resilience of the SaaS cloud infrastructure.

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Artifact reviews allow security professionals from around the world to collaborate on CSA research. Provide your feedback on the following documents in progress.

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