STAR Registrant BroadBand Tower, Inc.

BroadBand Tower supports many of Japan’s Internet services, including top portal sites and e-commerce sites, video distribution sites, and social media. We support the massive volumes of data generated daily by these Internet services (big data) through our data centers and cloud service, providing the latest storage products and services for big data.

As a trailblazer in the specialty Internet data center (iDC) business, BroadBand Tower supports IoT, as a service evolved from ICT for modern businesses, through its advanced technological capabilities, experienced staff, and high-grade facilities and services. In the midst of increasing integration of various industries with ICT as well as business innovations and new developments applying ICT, we will contribute to the growth of Japan’s ICT industry and our clients’ businesses through products and services that keep pace with the changing times.

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Date Listed: May 27, 2014
Last Modified: February 08, 2017.

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Service supports enterprise identity.

Service supports file sharing.

Service supports a mobile app.

Service performs penetration testing.

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BroadBand Tower, Inc.

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