STAR Registrant China Telecom Global Limited, Cloud Operations Center

With the infrastructure of virtual cloud resource pool and the professional service capabilities, China Telecom’s Overseas Cloud Service provides customers the rental services with shared or dedicated virtual cloud resource (including computing, storage, networks, etc.) , and the service is characterized by rapid deployment, rent on demand, self-service, safety and reliability.

Worldwide Network Coverage
300+ domestic nodes and 40+ global nodes, large and medium cities in China and major cities worldwide covered. Our network is dedicated and highly secured, it protects your data from being monitored or hacker filch.

Worldwide Cloud Site Coverage
10+ cloud sites covered across APAC, EMEA and AMER are ready for use, you can easily obtain high quality cloud resources and security management in a fast and efficient manner with your business growth globally.

One-Stop Solution
We are providing IaaS service on our cloud service portal, besides, diverse customized enterprise solution with industry-leading SLA commitment are also available for addressing your business need, such as private cloud, Email server, DR site or managed services, etc.

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Date Listed: February 08, 2017

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China Telecom Global Limited, Cloud Operations Center

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