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In business since 1965, CITEC specialises in delivering ICT infrastructure, managed services and network services to state government and commercial enterprise. The most recent addition to CITEC’s suite of services is QCloud ( QCloud affords clients all the benefits of cloud computing such as instance usage, scale-on-demand and pay-for-use with the certainty that your data is housed securely. Start the journey today with QCloud.

CITEC provides ongoing services to individual Queensland Government agencies and corporate clients. These services typically include:
• data centre services
• infrastructure server management
• network services, including a secure and reliable metropolitan area network for government
• data storage management
• data protection
• solutions integration
• support.

To deliver effective and innovative services, CITEC draws on a diverse range of technical specialists, including network and server infrastructure specialists, database administrators, program and project managers, business and systems analysts and technology architects.

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