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Med-1 offers next-generation data hosting and storage solutions of computer systems in the most advanced data centers in the Middle East. We specialize in providing unique technology and communications solutions for business clients. Med-1 offers its clients unique data centers spanning more than 16,000 sq.m. in central and northern Israel. These facilities, along with our highly skilled and professional team of experts, enable us to provide a wide array of solutions, including hosting and operating solutions for main computer rooms and production sites, hosting and operating solutions for DR sites, and comprehensive business continuity solutions. The data centers, which are the first of their kind in Israel, were created according to a highly stringent design process in compliance with international standards, with an emphasis on resiliency and in implementing the strictest security measures in Israel. The data center facilities currently serve as the main Internet exchange point linking Israel to the rest of the world.

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Date Listed: December 22, 2015

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